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Cat Bites and Errands Cat Bites and Errands

Cat Bites and Errands

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Cat Bites and Errands Cat Bites and Errands

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Yourself! Fitness workout #127 Yourself! Fitness workout #127

Cat Bites and Errands

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Cat Bites and Errands Cat Bites and Errands

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Posted by Pyrrh on June 15th, 2010

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Cat Bites and Errands

Posted by Pyrrh on April 27th, 2010

Yet another busy day today.

Minnie bit Mom yesterday, hard enough to get her in a bad spot – well anywhere on the hand is a bad spot. When she woke up this morning it was swollen and sore all up her arm. She arrived at the emergency room just as red streaks started to appear (thats blood poisoning). They gave her a shot and a prescription for doxycycline. The antibiotic kind of wiped her out and she spent the day resting in bed. The power of Facebook is amazing – Mom’s sister called her this morning, having found out from another family member who happened to check FB earlier!

I had a bunch of errands to do today, and had to take Dot with me. We ended up having a good time, though. First to the extension office, to drop off some soil samples of my garden, where Dot kept taking a dog sculpture off of the lady’s desk. I also forgot the checkbook and don’t carry cash either, so I have to mail a check! At least it only takes a couple weeks, just in time for planting.

On to the library to turn in some books, and a drive by boJangles to pick up a snack, where I parked and sat in the back seat with Dot while we ate. Then we went to visit the dentist office, missing Jessica yet again! We got to see Julie, and I picked up some toothpaste for Poet to use for prepping for his whitening treatment. I dropped off some mail, then returned the candy that Poet had gotten from a gas station that was expired by three years! He was VERY nice about it and gave me four candy bars in exchange for the two large icky ones. Then we went to Kroger and waited for Mom’s prescription. We returned some orange juice that had calcium added to it, that we bought by mistake. I was pretty tired by then and didn’t really need to do any shopping, so Dot and I just sat at the pharmacy, reading a couple of children’s books. We hit Wendy’s on the way home and enjoyed a hamburger right before naptime.

I kept up on Facebook and did one or two things on Jade’s site, but I was feeling incredibly unmotivated to do anything. This is definitely hormonal (and maybe eating two candy bars this afternoon helped it along) because I have a ton of exciting things I could work on. I ended up reading the book on perennial vegetable gardening.

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Busy day

Posted by Pyrrh on April 26th, 2010

Wow, what a busy day! Got morning chores done, washed my sheets, Mom made my bed, replanted seeds in the Aerogarden, made dinner, watched Seeker, cleaned out 600 unread emails from my inbox (LOL), got Poet’s dentist appointments figured out, scheduled home teachers and bathroom remodeling, took all my vitamins, and watched House and 24!

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Sushi, Kittens, and a Wolverine

Posted by Pyrrh on April 25th, 2010

In the afternoon when Bobby came home from fishing, we went to have sushi at Kani House. We had some fantastic salads, and some so-so rolls. I keep track whenever we go so I know what we liked and didn’t, and what would make it better. Bobby couldn’t say enough about how much he liked the squid salad!

We stopped by a few stores to look for seeds. I found most, but there are a couple we will have to check for at Pikes, then I will have to order the rest online. Bobby was getting excited as I was describing perennial gardens and edible landscaping. It will be nice if we can eventually get a piece of land that we can work on this. He’d love being able to have a water garden.

While we were gone, Minerva (Minnie or Mini Mama) started having her kittens. She ended up with four adorable little babies – 3 grey tabbies like herself, and one calico. She is actually a torbie with white, and a white blaze – so very cute! Minnie did a very good job and needed no intervention from us.

Bobby and I watched X-Men Wolverine last night. Parts of it were really good, but overall we were rather disappointed. The story just seemed to have a lot of mindless violence without real provocation.

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Grocery Shopping

Posted by Pyrrh on April 24th, 2010

Got morning chores done and tried to clean the kitchen a bit, but getting distracted by Dot, Mom, computer, and WoW didn’t leave me much time. I cleaned up the bedroom as I usually do, then had to clean up again after hubby got up and left for work! I realized that is pretty normal and probably what most wives have to do. :)

Got all of the old computers and monitors and an old microwave loaded up and took them all to WalMart for an electronics recycling day. For $5 they took it all off my hands. That was a lifetime of computers finally gone. It certainly cleaned up a big spot in our garage.

I met Bev there and I showed her how to grocery shop for food that won’t kill you. She mentioned that high fructose corn syrup commercial and how they insist in moderation it isn’t bad for you. I explained to her that the problem is actually getting it in moderation, since about 90% of the products in the store had some form of corn in it. On a whim I grabbed something from the nearest shelf – it happened to be bologna. I actually had no idea we’d find corn in it, but in fact there was corn syrup and modified food starch in it, both corn products! I taught her that reading labels was incredibly important, and showed her peanut butter as another example. She absolutely hates oatmeal but we tried to find ways she might get some into her diet – she’s going to try the breakfast bars, and we made a variation of my Lactation Boosting Cookies. They are very healthy for anyone, though, and will make a good snack for her, since she needs to get oatmeal at least once a day. She even tried a prune and thought it was good.

We got home and I helped her make the oatmeal cookies, and I made Grilled Salmon and Avocado Sauce, with a side of corn. It was delicious, and hopefully she knows that a cholesterol-lowering diet doesn’t have to be “bleh”. We had a fantastic time and Dot certainly enjoyed her visit.

I was so tired by 8pm! Thank goodness Dot fell asleep right on time, since I was very soon to follow.

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